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The Challenge

Low skills create barriers to a good job. There are 65,000 adults in our service area who struggle with low skills. Some of the causes of adult low literacy include learning disabilities, leaving school early, hearing loss, poverty, frequent moving, adverse childhood experiences, and limited English proficiency.

The Solution

The good news is that skills can be learned. Providing access to high quality, free basic education services gets adults on a career pathway that leads to a good job through stackable credentials and ongoing training.

The Impact

In the Case for Investment in Adult Basic Education (Kevin Morgan, Dr. Peter Waite and Michele Diecuch), adults participating in adult basic education programs:

  • show a dramatic increase in income over time, especially those participating for 100 or more hours who average $10,000 more in annual income.
  • are more likely to show skill improvement compared to non-particpants who showed virtually no literacy skill gain over time.
  • are more likely to obtain a high school equivalency credential than non-participants.
  • are more likely to pursue.
  • are more likely to vote.

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Supporting adult literacy and basic education in your community is a sound investment. Adult education programs have a measurable 450% return. This comes in the form of increased tax revenue and reduced reliance on social services. Educated citizens work, pay taxes and give back to their communities.

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