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Digital Literacy at the Literacy & Learning Success Centers!

When we were first forced to shift and pivot due to COVID-19, we truly did not know what that would mean for our staff, tutors and students. A year later, we are happy and excited to share that our focus has turned to Digital Literacy–a way to keep our students learning and prepare them with the skills they need for 2021 and beyond. We are learning as we go, and look forward to sharing more about our digital journey as it continues this year .

Digital Literacy:  Having the skills you need to live, learn and work in a society where communication and access to information is increasingly through digital technologies like internet platforms, social media, and mobile devices. (www.westernsydney.edu)

Here is a quick link to our Community Report 2019-2020. Enjoy the read!


Lebanon and Lancaster counties face significant issues related to literacy.

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Adults who struggle with basic literacy skills, BY COUNTY

In Lebanon County 14% of all adults struggle with everyday tasks such as reading the news.
In Lancaster County that number jumps to 15%

families who speak a different language at home, by county

In Lebanon County, 10.5% of adults speak a language other than English.
10.5% OF families
In Lancaster County that number jumps to 15.6%
15.6% OF families

adults who do not have a high school diploma, by county

In Lebanon County, 15% of adults have not graduated from high school.
15% OF families
In Lancaster County that number jumps to 16%
16% OF families

amount of residents who live in poverty, by county

In Lebanon County, 10.9% of residents live below the poverty line.
10.9% OF residents
In Lancaster County, 10.5% of residents live in poverty.
10.5% OF residents


Literacy & Learning Success Centers provide quality basic skills and literacy education to adult learners in Lancaster and Lebanon counties.


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LEARN PERSONALIZED instruction and tutoring

Our friendly team can assist you in creating a plan for your goals. Whether you need to learn English, work on reading writing, math or computer skills, prepare for a high school equivalency exam (GED or HiSET) or US Citizenship, we are here to help.

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VOLUNTEER SHARE your time. CHANGE lives.

Be a catalyst for positive change in someone’s life. Share your talents and help adult learners gain the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in their roles as family members, workers, and community members.